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Replica Chanel Purses

Today I’d like to warn everyone about spam bots. They’re everywhere on the Internet, and counterfeiters know how to exploit them to the fullest. They know exactly what to program them to say in order to get people to come and take a look at their website. The spam bot may or may not make much sense, but the text coming from it contains key words that will pull people in. For example, a lot of blogger’s have been tricked into visiting dangerous websites because a spam bot left a comment that seemed relevant. It can say anything like, “I really liked your blog. I have something similar up on my blog, too. Come take a look!” and then they would leave the link right there.

It’s a trap, for smart bloggers and uninformed shoppers alike. If someone is online and they’re looking for knock off Chanel handbags, a bot is going to pick up on that and interfere. It might send you an e-mail or leave a comment on a blog that says, “I found some really cheap fake designer products on this website.” What you choose to do with that link is really up to you, but by now, everyone should know better than to click on links sent by strangers.

In this day of online shopping, counterfeiters are those strangers who are sending out the links. They’re trying to make sure that everybody and anyone will go to their website. Even if they don’t buy anything, their computer could still be at risk because that counterfeiter might be running a virus on their website. If they can’t get you to buy their counterfeit fashion accessories, at least they can do some damage to your computer as punishment.

Counterfeiters thrive off of people who don’t know any better. Looking for something like a fake Chanel bag just to see what it really is like could lead an unsuspecting shopper into actually buying one.  That’s what these criminals are truly good at: tricking people into buying their product. You may not have wanted that product, you might not even remember how you got to that website in the first place, but that counterfeiter is going to do everything in their power to make sure you leave with a purchase.

Don’t let them swindle you. Anything a counterfeiter makes is overpriced and underwhelming. Why bother to buy replica designer items when you could just save up your money and buy a real one?