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Buying a counterfeit online means you are taking a risk. Consumers must be aware of some of the possible consequences of purchasing a fakes online. By mimicking popular merchandise, such as replica Chanel watches, often with very low quality versions, counterfeiters hastily produce and bring illegal products to the online marketplace.

When shopping online it is possible to come across disreputable online knockoff dealers who are in it for one thing, and the one thing only, making money. Regardless of promises of guarantees and excellent customer service, they are often non-existent. More often than not, it would be next to impossible to find a resolution if something goes wrong with an order. In many situations, once payment is received, the relationship with the buyer ends. You may perhaps find closed chat rooms, inactive emails, and non-working phone numbers (in the rare case where it can actually be attained). Sometimes orders are never even shipped.

Often, as part of a large network of criminal organizations, online counterfeit traders, the profits made sustain other forms of crime. It has been reported by authorities that the counterfeit trade has been linked to cybercrimes, bank fraud and identity theft. Therefore it is imperative that consumers think twice about confirming an online order with an online knockoff dealer. Any sensitive personal and financial information submitted upon ordering online could permanently live in the hands of criminals.

It is ok to be suspicious of unfamiliar or unknown shopping websites. Every person is personally responsible for their own actions. Each person is in charge of personal choices that are made. It is up to the individual to take a chance. All of the risk and potential consequences may lie in the hands of the buyer of counterfeit products. If in doubt, the best advice to take is to refuse to purchase fakes from online knockoff Chanel dealers, and go with the authentic product. For information about authentic CHANEL products, visit and the CHANEL boutiques.


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