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Knock Off Chanel Purses Counterfeiting is a global wide problem. Every one of us may be affected by the consequences of counterfeiting. Consequences like money not going to the proper places and instead ending up in the hands of criminals who use it to further their illegal empire. When you buy an item that is being marketed as a top notch replica (let’s say you were looking at a replica Chanel handbag, in this case, and shame on you for looking) where do you think those profits go to? They certainly don’t go back to anyone at Chanel. This product that  [ Read More ]

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Fake Chanel Handbags Replica Chanel handbags are illegal products that are created by counterfeiters and sold by those same criminals in order to try to profit millions and millions of easy dollars. Despite the fact that over the years counterfeiters have been thrown in jail and have been fined for large amounts of money for selling their knockoff items counterfeiters continue to do it. What’s truly scary about counterfeiting is the fact that it doesn’t limit itself to just knocking off designer fashion accessories. Even though this seems to be one of the biggest aspects of the counterfeiting industry, these criminals and  [ Read More ]

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Replica Chanel Purses Today I’d like to warn everyone about spam bots. They’re everywhere on the Internet, and counterfeiters know how to exploit them to the fullest. They know exactly what to program them to say in order to get people to come and take a look at their website. The spam bot may or may not make much sense, but the text coming from it contains key words that will pull people in. For example, a lot of blogger’s have been tricked into visiting dangerous websites because a spam bot left a comment that seemed relevant. It can say  [ Read More ]

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Counterfeit Chanel Handbags When counterfeiters say that they’re selling you the highest quality counterfeit products available, that’s not something that you should actually believe. There’s no such thing as a “high quality counterfeit.”  Counterfeit items are usually made from low quality materials, and they’re generally made rather sloppily.  If you ever buy something like a replica Chanel bag, you shouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t everything you expected it to be. It will probably look okay at first, but you won’t be paying very close attention to details because you’re just so excited to have something that looks just like an  [ Read More ]

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Replica Chanel, No Big Deal Right? WRONG! Whether you are a consumer who has been conned into purchasing a replica Chanel product or a consumer who has purchased a knock-off Chanel knowing what they were getting into; then this blog is for you. Whichever type of consumer you may be this next bit of information could be very valuable to you. Whether you were the vulnerable customer who got scammed or you’re the cut me a deal customer looking for a steal you both ended up with the short end of the stick. ‘Why’ you may ask? The answer is  [ Read More ]

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Helpful Information Every Consumer Should Know Counterfeit traffickers are at large.  This means that counterfeit products are making their way into the market into vulnerable consumers awaiting hands.  If you’ve ever been conned by a counterfeiter then you know just how it feels to receive a replica Chanel product.  It does not feel good and you were most likely disappointed and unhappy with your purchase.  I am here to help.  By reading this blog you can better educate yourself about the dangers of knock-off Chanel’s and the fraudulent companies who sell them.  You can help others by spreading the word,  [ Read More ]